THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire

THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire 1.71

The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire is a strategy game developed by Blue Byte

The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire is a real-time strategy game and the sixth in The Settlers series. It was developed by Blue Byte and published by UbiSoft.
In video games, as in many other fields, change is essential to evolve. Surely this is what the Blue Byte staff thought when they decided to work with The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire. This launch is part of the famous Settlers franchise, which has garnered so many fans over the years.

Of course you will be faced with a strategy game in which you must aspire to build big cities set in medieval times. This means that you shall not only confine yourself to the construction, but also will have to pay much attention to other aspects of your society, such as the economy (the main), control the limits, security and proper exploitation of natural resources. You can see that all the buildings are finely detailed, which adds a great realism to the whole game.

In Rise of an Empire, you must have in mind that you can further diversify the creation of resources across different towns and cities. If you manage to do that, you'll be able to create an impressive empire. Although the initial control of the game is simple, to get to master The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is another matter, because you will have to take into account many factors at the same time. Graphically, this is a game that has invested lots of time in very carefully built scenarios, detailed models and a good display of visual effects that exploit the full potential of the latest graphics cards you can find on the market.
Audio is paramount when it comes to giving realism to a game, The Settlers demonstrates this fervently. If you pay attention, you will even be able to hear the jungle sounds around you.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Realistic sounds


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